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The first company to offer a full range of services for electric vehicles. Thanks to a successful strategy and investment in the future, our annual growth rate is 400%.

We pride ourselves on leading the way from the manufacture and installation of car charging systems to the import of electric vehicles and their subsequent servicing.

We are developing our representations not only in Ukraine, but also in Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Belarus, USA, Greece, Russia and Georgia.

History of the company

In 2014 Dmytro Nikonov import the first in the history of Ukraine electric car — this is where the history of AutoEnterprise began. In just a few months, several dozen more were imported vehicles and created the first in Ukraine taxi fleet of eco-friendly EcoTaxi taxi, which had more than 200 cars in the city of Kharkiv. In parallel with the development of the auto business, Dmytro Nikonov begins to engage in a startup — the development and production of stations for electric vehicles.

By 2016, the company developed its own method for the production of charging stations and this year began large-scale production of chargers for electric vehicles in Ukraine. The installation of stations in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region gradually began. Considering that production developing, this fact has attracted the attention of investors. Soon they learned about the company abroad. The year ends with an offer of cooperation with the world famous brand “Lotus Cars”. An exhibition car showroom and its own service station are opening in Kharkiv.

2017 year turned out to be very promising for the company and contributed to the emergence of 6 specialized car sales offices in the largest cities of Ukraine, such as Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. Another achievement of this year was the launch of the assembly line for charging stations, which contributed to the automation and acceleration of the production process of chargers for electric vehicles.

In 2018, the company was lucky to take part in an open auction and acquire a 99.99% stake in Sistema Scientific and Production Enterprise OJSC. This made it possible to create your own 5-storey office, thus getting rid of constant rent. In addition to the office building, the company's capacity also includes a production workshop equipped with modern equipment with a total of 60 professional employees.

In 2019, the European and American markets open up for the company: it was this year that AutoEnterprise exported its charging stations to the EU and the USA for the first time.

2020 brought a complete restructuring for the company in various directions: we have grown from several departments to 14, and our team now has more than 250 people. Since this year, the company has implemented a fully conveyor-type production of charging stations, which ensured the continuity of the production process as well as a high level of productivity.

Development of eco-friendly transport

Development of electric transport infrastructure by expanding the network of charging stations

Production of high quality products and accessible equipment for public use

Development of alternative energy sources

Creating new jobs

Support for the Ukrainian intellectuals

Support for the Ukrainian intellectuals

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